Accreditation Preparation (AAAHC, NCQA & URAC)

Assessment of standards compliance
Standards Implementation
Off-site document review and telephone consultation
Mock survey

Disease Management

Effectiveness evaluation
Accreditation preparation
Analysis of customer feedback and reporting processes
Evolution of interventions for low intensity participants
HEDISĀ® results improvement

Delegation Oversight & Management

Competence assessment
Ongoing performance monitoring systems
Oversight, internal coordination & communication processes
Accreditation survey preparation

Managed Behavioral Health

Quality improvement program development
Key indicator monitoring systems
Preventive health program development
HEDISĀ® results improvement
Accreditation preparation

Regulatory Compliance

State and federal regulations implementation
Regulatory survey preparation
Program design
Reconciliation of multiple requirements into coherent systems

Staff Training and Development

Interactive programs customized for your organization
Adaptation of training to online learning systmes
Expert resource for internal trainers